Expert Sanitary-Epidemiological Approvals and Toxicity Passports

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Expert Sanitary-Epidemiological Approvals and Toxicity Passports

These Approvals are issued by the Department of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance at the RF Ministry of Health Care.

List of products and goods that require Sanitary-Epidemiological Expertise:

  • Raw materials, food, food additives, biologically active additives, etc.
  • Products for children: games and toys, clothes (including bed linens), footwear, furniture, baby carriages, etc.
  • Materials, equipment and substances used in commercial and potable water supply systems.
  • Perfumes, cosmetics, etc.
  • Industrial chemical and petrochemical products and chemicals for the home.
  • Polymer and synthetic materials for construction, transportation and furniture and other home-use items; chemical threads and fibers, textile, sewed and knitted materials containing chemical fibers and textile auxiliary materials; artificial and synthetic leather and textile materials for footwear.
  • Printers, copy machines, etc.
  • Products made of natural raw materials (painting, impregnation, ionizing radiation, etc.)
  • Materials with potential health risks.
  • Products with ionizing radiation, including radiation, as well as products and commodities containing radioactive substances.
  • Building materials that contain radioactive substances are restricted by hygienic standards, including industrial waste for recycling and commercial purposes, as well as metal scrap.
  • Mobile vehicles and other transportation.

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