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GOST TR CU Certificates of Conformity are required for conformity of products to the requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulations where Certificates of Conformity are applicable.

GOST TR CU Declarations of Conformity are required for conformity of products to the requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulations where Declarations of Conformity are applicable.

GOST TR CU Explosion-proof Certificates of Conformity are required for conformity of products to the requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulation 012/2011 “On safety of equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres”.

We offer applicant services for manufacturers who do not have representation for their projects within the territory of the Customs Union through our sister company located in Russia, which can act on behalf of the manufacturer during the certification process as the applicant on all current and future projects.

Technical passports are compilations of technical data on equipment summarizing the main technical parameters and characteristics. Technical passports are similar to Material Record Books (MRB) and are made in Russian and English languages according to applicable GOST or CU TR formats.

Justification of Safety or “Safety Case” is a document, which contains risk analysis as well as information from design, operational and technological documentation related to minimum required measures of safety and which accompanies machines and (or) equipment at all stages of life cycle and supplemented by information on risk assessments at operation stage after major repair.

The Vehicle Type Approval certification confirms compliance of vehicle or chassis with the requirements of Technical Regulations.

RCS offers comprehensive translation services from English into Russian and vice versa to serve all of your needs. We can provide technical translations of a wide variety of documents for any purpose, such as instructions, manuals, brochures, catalogues, drawings, P&IDs, calculations, specifications, databooks, and many other types of documents (with conversions to metric units).

RCS offers complete preparation and/or review of Technical Documentation Packages required for Customs Union and C.I.S. Certification.

Depending on the Technical Regulation and the Scheme used for Certification, an Inspection (Audit) of the Manufacturer may be required. Inspections are performed by experts from accredited Customs Union Laboratories.

We also offer full service consultation to assist your engineers with collecting and analyzing all technical data required for certification and approvals.

A letter of exemption is a document from a certification body stating that certain products are not subject to mandatory certification.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations (MChS) responsible for approval of design of firefighting equipment and fire safety systems and certification of the actual components and devices contained within them.

Hygienic certification is required to import chemicals, hazardous materials, most consumer products and other items with potential health risks.

Metrology certificates are required for measuring devices that are used where accuracy of measurement and reliability is critical for safe operation, commercial and environmental.

GOSSTROY Certificates are mostly required for building materials and construction projects. GOSSTROY is a dedicated organization similar to GOSSTANDART.

These Approvals are issued by the Department of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance at the RF Ministry of Health Care.

Russian Environmental Certificates are similar to ISO 14000 and are subject to the ISO 14000 standards.

Type approvals of materials and products for the Maritime Register of Shipping.

UkrCEPRO is a quality certification and standardization system of Ukraine. UkrCEPRO is used for companies which supply goods to Ukraine. Though, recently Ukraine has been transitioning to their own version of the Technical Regulations.

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