About RCS

Resolute Certification Services Inc. (RCS, Inc.)

RCS, Inc. is the former structure of «Russian Certification Services Department (RCS) » of Moody International USA. In 2004, upon closure of this subdivision by Moody, all Russian certification inquiries and projects were referred by Moody International to RCS Inc.

Resolute Certification Services, Inc. (formerly Russian Certification Services, Inc.) has since been specializing in approval documentation for goods related to the oil & gas, petrochemical and refining industries.

However, we can provide certification and approvals for any item on Customs Union and C.I.S. Mandatory Certification Lists.

Why choose RCS?

Accredited experts

RCS, Inc., has accredited experts of the State Committee for the Russian Federation for Standardization and Metrology and Russian Technical Supervisory Authority.

Operational center of “VNIIMS”

RCS, Inc. is an operational center of “VNIIMS” (The All-Russian Research Institute for Metrological Service – “Metrology”) in the USA.

Operational center of CJSC “TIBR”

RCS, Inc. is an operational center of CJSC “TIBR” (Explosion Proof) in the USA.

We partner with accredited laboratories and in many cases use our own experts located in USA for Customs Union Certification Audits (Inspections). This results in cost savings to our customers located in the Western Hemisphere.

RCS, Inc. is one of the few agencies offering the all-important “Applicant Service by Customs Union Registered Entity” for manufacturers which do not have representation in any of the Eurasian Economic Union countries.

From large projects like the Sakhalin Island Platforms to small family owned part manufacturers, RCS is your answer for complete range of Customs Union and C.I.S. certification.

Contacts us today and our specialists will advise you on the certification requirements for your project/equipment and guide you through the certification process.

Get advised on the certification requirements!